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Almost 4 out of every 10 people purchase a home they found online,1 and ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage lets you connect with these consumers, many times long before they've signed with another agent.


Here's why ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage is the smarter lead-gen solution:

  • Almost 90% of all home seekers search online, and almost 40% of all buyers PURCHASE a home they found online.1 The ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage program gets these buyers to you early and often.
  • ConnectionSM delivers you buyers who are specifically looking at homes for sale.
  • The leads you get from ConnectionSM are warm leads, they're specifically looking to speak with a real estate professional, so they're expecting your call.
  • ConnectionSM buyers tend to be early-stage buyers, so many have not signed with an agent yet.
  • ConnectionSM leads are delivered to you with background information like the specifics of a home they are interested in, so you've got a head start on your first conversation.

Quality of the leads you are likely to receive:

  • Buyers who are specifically looking at homes for sale
  • Consumers who are expecting to receive a call from a real estate professional
  • Leads sent to you with the specifics of a home they are interested in
  • No other agent receives the same lead - they are yours from cultivation to close!
  • Almost 90% of all Home Seekers search online.1

37% of homes are sold to consumers who found the property they want online and then found a real estate professional to sell it to them.1

Many already have an agent and take the listing to them. But these consumers are looking for an agent to tell them about a property - increasing the chances that they are not yet committed to an agent ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage has become an industry staple in providing a pipeline of quality leads. Many core attributes of our current ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage offering remain unchanged.

This high-quality, lead generation solution will continue to deliver leads:

From consumers actively searching for their next home.

Based on the most
accurate and complete listing information from the industry's most trusted sources.*

With immediate lead notification by email and/or text message.**

What's New?

We've added information and automation support to leads delivered through ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage to help:

Increase your chances of connecting with consumers

Enable you to engage with consumers, now with more knowledge about them and their properties of interest

These new benefits are intended to help you achieve higher conversion rates from leads to clients.

New Features Include:

New information passed with the lead, which will provide you more knowledge about the consumer and their interests, including:

Visually appealing lead notification email that contains:

Consumer's name, email and telephone number now included with all leads.

Email address and telephone numbers are checked and noted in the lead notification if they are valid. ***

Image and description of the property listing from which the lead was generated.

Descriptions of the 3 most recent searches & recently viewed listings, if available.

Consumer profile information, such as age, job title, household income and years at current residence (where available) and links to a consumer's public profile on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (when available).

AND, new automation helping you respond quickly and track leads more effectively. These NEW FEATURES include:

Automatically generated lead responses, designed to respond to the consumer within 5 minutes. These responses can be customized by the agent to provide a personalized, consumer experience.

A responsive web experience that allows you to consolidate leads from multiple sources (more than 50 sources) and track your leads from a simple lead dashboard. Consolidating your leads into a single view avoids the pain of juggling multiple marketing vendors' lead dashboards.

Courtesy Leads.
Customers who update their ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage profile with additional zip-codes of interest are eligible to receive courtesy leads for those zip-codes if and when they become available.

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The national television campaign draws interest
from active consumers looking for accurate data on

You may have noticed our newest media campaign: #AccuracyMatters. Reaching the active consumer looking for accurate information and then connecting them with you creates a winning formula. We congratulate you on your choice to combine these quality leads packaged with tools for helping you close them. We are excited to hear of the results you achieve with ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage!

* Accuracy claims pertain to the accuracy of home listings, are based on comparison with other national listing portals, and are based on the greater frequency of listings updating on

** Requires that you provide Move, Inc. with a valid phone number and email address. Messaging charges from your cellular service provider may apply.

*** We verify phone numbers and email addresses by submitting them to a third-party service for the purpose of confirming that the phone number or email address does in fact exist. However, we are unable to determine whether the phone number or email address actually belongs to a person with the name provided by prospect.

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