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Almost 4 out of every 10 people purchase a home they found online,1 and ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage lets you connect with these consumers, many times long before they've signed with another agent.

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Here's why ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage is the smarter lead-gen solution:

  • Almost 90% of all home seekers search online, and almost 40% of all buyers PURCHASE a home they found online.1 The ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage program gets these buyers to you early and often.
  • ConnectionSM delivers you buyers who are specifically looking at homes for sale.
  • The leads you get from ConnectionSM are warm leads, they're specifically looking to speak with a real estate professional, so they're expecting your call.
  • ConnectionSM buyers tend to be early-stage buyers, so many have not signed with an agent yet.
  • ConnectionSM leads are delivered to you with background information like the specifics of a home they are interested in, so you've got a head start on your first conversation.


Because the ConnectionSM program delivers you local buyer leads, we're giving you a Guide to Internet Lead Conversion that'll help you turn more browsers into more buyers:

The® ConnectionSM for Co-Brokerage Program gives you an edge by getting you more leads from consumers looking at local listings in your market.


Fantastic! - 3 weeks in, one pending sale, 2 buyers. I'm actively showing homes to now!
- Mike Perna
Novi, MI
I am a long time believer in the Power of®. Like most Brokers I have to make sure my advertising dollars work for me. Recently my® rep called me and told me about a new program that® was offering called Co Brokerage. I signed up immediately. The program started Nov 1 and I have been getting 4-5 new leads per day in addition to the leads that I receive from our own listings. It would be worth your time to take a look at this program.
- Jim Free
Panama City, FL
Thank you®! Just days after committing to Connections I received an email from a buyer requesting a showing. I immediately responded, met the buyers showed some homes and wrote the offer! That Simple. The deal is scheduled to close soon. Also thanks to my® Rep, who took the time to explain Connections with me and answered all of my questions. Sincerely,
- Julie Fisher
Springfield Township, OH  
Thanks so much for taking the time to bring the Connections program to my attention. When I first got your call I was reluctant to spend extra marketing dollars in this market. However in the first week with this program I have gained 3 buyer leads, one which has resulted in me having a buyer which will be placing an offer later today. I am so happy that you called regarding this opportunity and now I look forward to purchasing more zip codes. This is a great program that I highly recommend!
- Pete Regala
Severna Park, MD

Purchased two zip codes 10 days ago, I've received 18 Leads (9 very warm), and RATIFIED A CONTRACT ON DAY 9 FOR $300K.
I would have never ever found this client but they hit "MORE INFO" on a listing that was not mine I supplied the info., we looked at 10 houses and Offer made signed ($300k property). No more fooling around with website SEO stuff. Excellent product & value with results!
- Wes Sterns
Prince William, VA

I received a call from my rep, who knows I always want to hear about the newest product.
She told me about the co-broker program on the unenhanced listings. I jumped on the opportunity. I first bought into several zip codes and immediately started receiving several leads a day.
- Ariana Loucas
Columbia MD
I signed up 3 weeks ago for this service. I have had 9 leads and 2 potential buyers as a result! Thanks!
- Carolyn Wilson
Westlake, OH

Just recently they added a new feature call Co-Broke which has delivered me quality buyer leads that I would have never received before! This feature rewards agents like myself with buyers that know what they want and that are ready to buy now! How does it get any better than that? Stop spending money on inconsistent advertising and start investing in®!
- King Sommers
Dade City, FL
I signed up for this product, after much encouragement from my® representative, in early November. I have had 14 buyer leads so far, at an average of over 2 per week. So far I have had 3 offers accepted from $80,000 to $356,000, and I am actively working with 2 other customers. Only one has purchased the home they inquired about. I have found more suitable properties for the rest of them. My rep was right - this product pays for itself with one closing.
- Mary Vincent
Wasilla, AK

Quality of the leads you are likely to receive:

  • Buyers who are specifically looking at homes for sale
  • Consumers who are expecting to receive a call from a real estate professional
  • Leads sent to you with the specifics of a home they are interested in
  • No other agent receives the same lead - they are yours from cultivation to close!
  • Almost 90% of all Home Seekers search online.1

• 37% of homes are sold to consumers who found the property they want online and then found a real estate professional to sell it to them.1

• Many already have an agent and take the listing to them. But these consumers are looking for an agent to tell them about a property - increasing the chances that they are not yet committed to an agent